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Are you ready to ditch those unwanted pounds and keep them off for good?

Imagine putting on any outfit in your wardrobe and loving how you look.

Or finally buying that new bikini or form-fitting dress you’ve had your eye on since forever.

Imagine having a coach who really cares about you and your happiness...

To help you through those times of resistance and be your biggest cheerleader to get you to your ultimate goals.

Nope, this isn't all too good to be true-

Welcome to 1:1 Online Coaching with Alethea!

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Are you tired of struggling with losing the same few pounds over and over?  Do you think you have to starve yourself or do endless cardio to see results?  Maybe you’ve had some success with weight loss, but it’s just felt too hard or restrictive, and sooner or later you give up and go back to your old ways?

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I've totally been there...

For years and years I struggled with my eating habits and wanting to lose weight.  I was in this constant cycle of losing the same few pounds and then putting them back on again.  Binges and an all-or-nothing approach was my norm.
One time I even lost 15 pounds rapidly over 4 weeks through doing a very restrictive diet, and then gained back 20 pounds over the next 4 weeks- heavier than I was before I even did the diet!
I know I’m not alone; starving yourself and then overeating is an all too common scenario when it comes to weight loss.
I also thought that tons of cardio was the answer.  Sure, I’d maybe lose a few pounds, but my body looked the same!  It didn't seem fair...why wasn't I seeing more changes?

Thankfully some part of me finally decided that the craziness had to stop.  I just knew there had to be another way- one that was healthy, enjoyable, realistic, sustainable AND produced the results I was after.

Through trial and error, as well as my experience with countless clients as a fitness trainer and weight loss coach, I’ve finally developed an approach that I can say truly WORKS!  Not only have I transformed my own body and kept off the weight for good, I’ve also seen countless clients have incredible success with this same approach.

My Journey...

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My approach consists of:

~A program that is 100% tailored to you, your goals and time availability.

~The right type of exercise that’ll not only increase your metabolism and have you losing body fat, but will also reshape, tone and tighten your body in all the right places.

~A way of eating for fat loss that is healthy, realistic, sustainable, enjoyable and does not have you cutting out your favorite foods.

~A deep dive into the very best mindset techniques that will not only ensure your weight loss success but also leave you feeling happy, confident and at peace with food and your new exercise routine.

With my approach you can:

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~Finally reach your goal weight and know how to maintain it for good.

~Have greater energy and mental clarity so you can live your life to the full.

~Feel super confident and amazing in whatever outfit you wear…including your birthday suit!

My support is 100% personalized to fit your goals.  We work together for a minimum of 3 months.  Here’s what you’ll have at the end of each month*:

*individual results vary and depend on you following the program and guidance given to you during your coaching sessions.

Month 1:

  • Weight loss of 4 to 8 pounds
  • Start to see small changes in your body composition and clothes feeling a bit looser
  • Be in a solid routine with your new exercise and food plan
  • Improvement in energy and mood
  • Better relationship with food and forming new healthy habits
  • Knowledge of powerful mindset techniques to support your weight loss journey

Month 2:

  • Weight loss of a further 4 to 8 pounds
  • Noticeable changes in body composition (less visible fat and clothes are looser)
  • Increased strength (which means increased metabolism and a tighter-looking, more toned and defined body)
  • Consistency, familiarity and ease with your exercise and food plan
  • Seeing and feeling the benefits of practicing your new mindset techniques
  • Great energy, mood, confidence and mental clarity

Month 3:

  • Weight loss of a further 4 to 8 pounds (total potential weight loss of 12 to 24 pounds after 3 months- the equivalent of dropping 1 to 2 dress sizes)
  • A slimmer, tighter, toned body with noticeably less fat
  • Armed with the knowledge and skills to maintain your new ideal weight
  • Workout plans and a food plan that you can continue using confidently on your own
  • A bank of powerful mindset techniques to draw upon whenever you need
  • Increased levels of confidence, happiness and peace of mind
  • Multiple people asking you what the heck you’ve been doing, because you look so darn amazing!

If this sounds like something you want, great!  Simply click the button below to schedule your free call.  I’d love to learn more about your goals and see how I can help you achieve them.


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  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me.  These are worth their weight in gold; I keep you accountable with your workouts and food plan, answer your questions and coach you through the inevitable mental and emotional blocks that will come up as you push past your comfort zones to reach your ideal weight.
  • Availability to me 24/7 via email.
  • 100% personalized workouts and food plan that you can access via a fitness app on your mobile device.  Includes demo videos for every exercise, and ability to track and scan your own food items.
  • Practical tips on how to fit exercise and food prep into your busy schedule.
  • Receive new workouts every 4 to 5 weeks and any necessary adjustments to your food plan.
  • Receive coaching on the very best mindset techniques around to ensure your weight loss success.  I have a Masters degree in spiritual psychology, as well as nearly 2 decades of my own life experience spent exploring mindset.  I GET you and I’ve got your back!


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Are you ready to ditch those unwanted pounds and keep them off for good?  Let’s chat about your goals and see how I can help you achieve your ideal weight.  Simply click the button below to schedule your free call.

But please don't delay!

I only have a limited number of new clients I can take on each month, and I'd hate for you to miss out.

More testimonials...

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Still reading this page?

Let me leave you with these little gems...

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What is it costing you to stay frustrated with how you look and not get started on your goal of losing those extra pounds?

When you put off listening to that nagging voice inside of you that says, “It’s time to make a change!”, you can end up feeling pretty crappy about yourself.

It drains your energy and focus that could be much better spent on the things in your life that truly matter.

You can change all of that right now!

It’s time to stop procrastinating and start taking action. Click the button below to schedule your free call!

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