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Transform Your Body in 30 Days

Custom Meal Plan

Are you ready to feel more alive and empowered than ever before?....But can’t seem to light that fire under your butt to get started with an exercise program or improve your eating habits?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just take you by the hand and show you the exact steps you need to reach your fitness goals and ideal weight?

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide will give you all the keys you need to transform your body and your mind.

Want to feel free and confident when it comes to your food choices?

Do you think you’re eating all the right foods but still not losing weight?  Ready to get fit and toned, and know that food plays an important role but you kinda feel lost?  Where to start?

With a custom meal plan, you’ll know exactly what to eat and how much, so that you can finally get that fit, sexy body you’ve always wanted.

I have attempted MANY a 30-day challenge in the last ten years or so.  Some I have completed, some I gave up on, but all I felt were not sustainable for me.  It was always a push to deprive or over work myself for a month and then it’s back to old habits.  Not with Alethea!  By focusing on not only exercise and food, but also fuel for the mind and soul, too, I was wholly nourished.  Alethea’s approach in Transform Your Body in 30 Days is gentle and loving and supportive of baby steps that stick!  I really got to the heart of past habits that were holding me back, started healing them, and building new, healthy and joyous ones in their place!  I lost a lot of painful and annoying bloating, lost some weight, lost some inches, and gained some muscle (whoo-hoo!) and gained confidence to have this be a lifestyle shift.  I am so grateful to Alethea and I know everyone who tries this will feel the same!

~Mary L.

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Alethea really hit the nail on the head with Transform Your Body In 30 Days.  As an overwhelmed mother of 3 young kids it was often hard for me to sit down and focus on what my goals were for my physical self.  After reading this book I found myself compelled to take action.  Alethea made it simple and easy for my brain to follow and gave me tools that I used to help me bounce back after having baby #3 at 40 years old.

The plan of action is no nonsense, straight to the point and motivating.  It was practical and not overwhelming.  I’m still work in progress but the part I love most is following her guidance WORKED!  I am on track to being me again.  Thank you Alethea for helping me take back my body!

~Monique J.

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